Artificial Insemination for Dogs - How to

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Team Members

This is who's team work helps make the dream work!

Jorda Evans Lead Marketer

A marketing wizard, wordsmith, and owner of 3 dogs. Take any chance you get to talk to this genuine guy!

Daniel Featherston Marketing Director/Founder

Daniel is a visionary, driven to bettering the AI industry for fellow dog breeders. A handler, breeder, and trainer.

Shila Basset Graphic Designer

A Houdini/Picasso! Shi's work ethic, creative mind, and love for dogs make her a great fit for the team!

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Artificial Insemination for Dogs Specialists

So YOU get the best out of artificial insemination for dogs, we dedicate 100% of our energy into the persuit of better dog breeding!

With such a lazer focus, we can both educate and supply the most complete AI kits available for dog artificial insemination.

Now you have a friend in the Dog AI business!

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