Artificial Insemination for dogs?

Increase your dog breeding success when you take the proccess into your own hands!

You can expect to have more successful breedings, produce more puppies, and avoid all the common dog breeding problems easily when you switch to the superior dog breeding method, AI. AIKitsForDogs is here to take the lead and educate dog breeders looking to better their craft, while supplying the very best AI kits in the dog breeding industry!

About AIKitsForDogs

For Dog Breeders Only
We are online to take the lead in the dog artificial insemination industry. As sutch, we dedicate 100% of our time and energy advancing, educating, and supplying our industry with the very best and most effective materials possible. Made up fellow dog breeders/lovers who wake up every day committed to bettering their breeds, while helping you with yours..

Our focus is Artificial insemination for Dogs, and we’ll never worry about AI for any other animals, as it could take away from the quality we need to provide you and your kennel!

Our Impact
Based on the testimonials and success stories recieved already, we are having a positive effect on the dog breeding community, making it possible to produce quality litters that would have not been possible elsewise. Passing down these superior genes is expected to help future generations of all dog breeds
Our Vision
Our vision is to be synonymous with everything dog artificial insemination/breeding related. With supplies and educational materials being spread worldwide for the betterment of all dog breeds!

What customers say!

While I was skeptical to try the AI kits, I’m happy I gave them a chance! No longer will I waste my time or money with the traditional breeding method.-Alan K.
I was a bit grossed out to try to AI my dog but quickly realized it wasn’t a big deal. The instructions made it easy to learn and I’ve grown my stud business tremendously since. Thanks -Dave G.
My go to source for artificial insemination kits and knowledge.

Highly Recommend!-Kathy B.
I needed to stop through and just say how absolutely pleased I am with your product and the speed in which was sent especially considering how much of a pinch I was in. Your were very friendly and very professional to deal with. MIDWEST BULLIES appreciates what you’ve done for us and will continue to do further business with you.-Linda M.
Fast shipping owned by good honest wonderful people!
Got 11 puppies off of the last AI I did with these kits they are easy to use with great instructions they come with everything needed to do your AI.-Nicole D.

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Team Members

This is who's team work helps make the dream work!

Jorda Evans Lead Marketer

A marketing wizard, wordsmith, and owner of 3 dogs. Take any chance you get to talk to this genuine guy!

Shila Basset Graphic Designer

A Houdini/Picasso! Shi's work ethic, creative mind, and love for dogs make her a great fit for the team!

Daniel Featherston Marketing Director/Founder

Daniel is a visionary, driven to bettering the AI industry for fellow dog breeders. A handler, breeder, and trainer.