AI Kits for Dogs Bundle Giveaway [Comment to Enter] – July 2016

AI Kits for Dogs Bundle Giveaway [Comment to Enter] – July 2016

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Here’s your chance to win 1 Basic Breeders Bundle from AI Kits for Dogs!

3 lucky Winners will be chosen August 1st

Reply/Comment to any Question to Enter!

How to Enter

We’ve kept it simple.
Below is a list of 5 quick questions about your experience with Artificial Insemination for Dogs and AI Kits.

Each question you answer in a Reply/Comment at the bottom of this page will enter you in the drawing for this giveaway.

Click to View the Basic Breeders Bundle of AI Kits Sold in our Store!Take a Peek at the Prize!

Click to View the Basic Breeders Bundle of AI Kits Sold in our Store!
Take a Peek at the Prize!

Giving you a chance to enter this contest up to 5 times should you answer each of the 5 questions!

On August 1st, 3 winners will be chosen by random selection to each receive a Basic Breeders Bundle of AI Kits for dogs, FREE!
We will notify the winners via the email entered to leave your comment/reply.

Let’s get started.
Leave a Reply/Comment answering these questions to enter:

Question 1) Have you done an AI before?

Question 2) Why do you want to be able to AI? – What specfic benefits will it bring?

Question 3) What kind of dogs do you breed?

Question 4) How many breedings do you do a year?

Question 5) Do you do traditional ties still?

Thank you for entering!

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8 Comments so far:

  1. Daniel F. says:

    Sample Comment/Reply:

    1) Yes I have done 20+ successful AIs
    2) I use artificial insemination to get the most out of my breedings while reducing risk of problems common in traditional ties.
    3) I breed American Bullies
    4) I do 1-3 breedings a year.
    5) I stopped doing traditional ties in 2014 and switch strictly to artificial insemination!

    This email address is now entered for 5 chances to win this Giveaway!

    • Hannah McGee says:

      1). Yes. Many.
      2). I feel it is much, much safer than natural ties. So many things can go wrong with a natural tie.
      3). American Bullies.
      4). Around 3.
      5). Very seldom.

      • Daniel F. says:

        Thanks Hannah,
        You’ve successfully submitted 5 entries for this giveaway!

        Winners will be contacted via email to claim their prize once chosen.

        Is Twitter the best place to follow your breedings Hannah?

    • Gil Fuentes says:

      1. Yes, I have done 12 successful A.I.’s
      2.It’s easier to mate dogs, faster than a natural tie, and reduces risk of injury due to aggression between the dogs.
      3. Bully breeds and Chihuahua
      4. 1 -3 breedings per year
      5. I don’t bother breeding naturally

      • Daniel F. says:

        Thanks Gil for participating!
        There are 5 entries for this giveaway with your name on them!
        We will email the winners once chosen to let them know to expect their Basic Breeders Bundle of AI Kits.

        Good luck!

  2. GoldenDoodle Momma says:

    No, I usually go to the vet and pay a lot of money.

    Sometimes my dogs won’t tie and I want to be able to breed them if this happens.

    We breed Golden doodles.

    We expect to have a total of 2 litters this year.

    I do ties still but would love to learn to AI myself, avoid the vet visits, and AI more often than not..

    Thank you

    • Daniel F. says:

      Thanks GoldenDoodle Momma,
      You’ve submitted 5 entries for this giveaway!

      Very nice!

      Winners will be contacted via email to claim their prize once chosen.

      Good luck!

  3. Rachael Perreault says:

    1- Yes I’ve done AI before. It was done with a kit that I fashioned at home. Maybe I should have been a comedian?
    2- I find that my grrrls tend to be very dominant and would prefer to ” nose butt” their studs or exhaust them and stand on top of them proudly.. Occasionally frustrating, yes?
    3- For love or insanity I work with Shih Tzus
    4- I do about 5 breedings for myself and between 12 to 20 altogether each year.
    5- No tying anymore. A.I. Liberates all parties involved. Thank you AI!!
    As always Rachael

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