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While Artificial Insemination is a simple concept once figured out, some would like a more one-on-one approach to learning everything from someone who can help avoid the trial and error associated with many leaning processes.

If you went through our awesome blog, and still have questions, this is for you!

Daniel Featherston with AI Kit for Dogs in an expert dog breeder who strictly AI’s his dogs, and is available to schedule calls to answer any questions you have for $1 a minute via the Clarity website. If interested, contact to schedule a call and take advantage of this opportunity to learn a valuable skill from an expert in the industry before this offer is taken down.

Seriously, I am going to be compiling all the most asked questions from these calls and creating a video course for future customers who want more than our included instructions. At which point the price of this type of one-on-one consulting will either go up in price dramatically or go away completely!

Make sure you submit your questions prior to the scheduled call help to ensure best use of time/money.

Feel free to ask any questions to help you decide if a call is for you.

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SatisfactionGuaranteedClicking that button will take you to schedule a call with Daniel, where you can get his recommendations on how to resolve issues in your breeding program! He is even willing to refund your money if you don’t get 2x the value out of the call as what you pay. Seriously… Great chance for interactive learning on a subject that will benefit you forever.

Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime. I feel doing this is comparable. Plus, I get to enjoy working with my kind of people… Other dog breeders = )” -Daniel Featherston

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