Avoid the Spreading of Illnesses Using AI

Avoid the Spreading of Illnesses Using AI

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Canine Artificial Insemination (AI) has many advantages. It can help you increase success rates while improving your genetics, but it has additional health advantages when it comes to disease prevention. Using AI reduces the risks of introducing serious diseases to your breeding stock.Artificial Insemination Supplies Reduce Disease and Illness

There is a good reason countries often require animals to be quarantined before entering. People really do not take as much precaution as they should to avoid the introduction of diseases to their kennel from visiting stock. Some serious breeders do not allow visitors of any variety, human or animal, to their property when there are young puppies in residence, and they are sometimes thought of as crazy and over-reactionary.

I’m sure anyone who has had entire litters become ill when another animal or person brings a disease into the home would have a different opinion on that. It happens, it’s painful and while we are usually still far too lax in precaution against such situations, with the exception of new litters, we rarely think about the dangers of bringing strange dogs onto the property.

Keeping Viruses Under Control with Artificial Insemination Supplies

Infections and diseases are not just dangerous to small puppies either. Consider the canine epidemic that was sweeping the country recently. An avian flu, not related to the human variety of bird flu, that was running rampant through the canine community.

Click to read CNN’s article on said avian flu.

While the H3N2 virus that caused the outbreak is treatable, it killed many animals before it was brought under control, and even then, the cost of treatment to the pet owners was in the thousands per dog. Do you really want to risk bringing strange animals on to your property just for a few minutes of breeding? You could be exposing your entire kennel to disease.

Bringing a stud dog from another kennel whether it has come from across the country or just down the block, leaves you and your bitch vulnerable. AI solves that problem. You can bring in the semen without having a strange animal come near your property.

Vaccinations Are Not Enough

“But my dogs are vaccinated!” you may insist. So were the majority of the animals that died or fell ill with the outbreak of H3N2. It was a strange and unexpected variation that wasn’t prevented through common vaccines in existence. Animals that were not exposed to public areas where carriers had been before were never affected by the problem, but any other animals were.

Certainly the H3N2 virus was not a breeder specific concern, but was something that could easily have devastated an entire kennel that allowed a carrier stud dog to bring it onto the property. And it is just one example of why having outside stud dogs come to your property, or why brining your bitch to a location where an infected dog may be, is not a good idea.

Eliminating the Chances of Canine STD with AI

In addition to viruses, AI can help prevent serious STDs in dogs. Yes, dogs can get sexually transmitted diseases. Brucellosis is one of the more severe STDs common to dogs, and it not only causes aborted pregnancies it can also be dangerous for dog owners as well. It is untreatable and while most dogs do end up recovering from it, it can take up to 5 years before your bitch returns to normal.

If you also keep your own stud dogs on the premises that has been exposed to brucellosis, you may inadvertently breed him to your bitch before you realize there is an underlying issue and pass it to him as well. If he breeds with other females in the kennel (and even outside bitches for other owners) you could end up being responsible for further spreading the disease as well. Because brucellosis is hard to recognize at first, and outward symptoms do not present themselves readily, you may not realize sudden abortions in your bitches are due to complications rather than just bad luck until it is happening on a repetitive basis.

In some cases, abortions happen so early in a pregnancy, that the dog’s owner may not even realize there was a successful breeding. It can be months before the truth comes to light, and by then, it has taken hold on your entire kennel. Along with brucellosis, dogs can also get canine herpes, and a serious disease known as CTVT, canine transmissible venereal tumors. All of which can be avoided through the use of AI.

Scared? This hasn’t been an attempt to frighten anyone. We all know that breeding dogs has its hazards, and sometimes it can be downright heartbreaking. But it certainly makes sense to do as much as possible to prevent those things from happening. Take a look at the AI Kits for Dogs that we have available to make artificial insemination easy and simple. It is the best way to avoid introducing additional health risks to the dogs you work so hard to protect.

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