Complete Chilled AI Shipping Kits for Dogs

Take Advantage of AI

Using Artificial Insemination gives you the opportunity to ship semen samples overnight a GREAT distance safely. No more limits on who can use your stud, or on who’s you can use!

Safe and Easy

Artificial Insemination via chilled AI has been proven to be a great substitute for taditional breeding, with all the benefits of AI, plus you can ship it.

Cost Effective

Don’t waste your time or money anymore traveling, staying at hotels, and boarding just to have access to the best genetics! Our Chilled AI Shipper Kits will save you both time and money!

Safely chill and overnight ship your male dogs’ semen samples using our Chilled AI Shipping Kit and let your breeding program enjoy the benefits.
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How to chill and ship Semen Collections

Everything needed for these steps are included in our Chilled A.I. Shipping Kit for Dogs

  1. Collect
    • Collect your sample from the male stud.

  2. Prepare
    • Prepare the sample by mixing it with the extender. The extender allows the collection to withstand the chilling and shipment procces that would otherwise effect its viability and survival rate.

  3. Package
    • Put the prepared sample tube/tubes into the styrofoam shipping container, on top of the frozen ice pack, seperating the tubes and ice pack with paper towels. Tape closed and attach shipping label.

  4. Ship
    • Ship the styrofoam container overnight to the owner of the dam. They’ll inseminate their female using your supplied sample and our AI Kit that’s for inseminating on-site found Here

  5. Repeat
    • With the cost effectiveness, simplicity, and reach the kit gives you access to, this will become a permanent tool in your dog breeding toolbox. Lander Logo

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My go to source for artificial insemination kits and knowledge. Highly Recommend!-Kathy B.

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  • $49.95
    • Styrofoam Shipping Container
    • Cold Pack
    • Powder Free Gloves
    • Collection Cone
    • 2 15ml Centrifuge Tubes
    • O-Ring (for attaching to collection cone)
    • Lube Packet
    • Semen Extender (enough for 3+ collections)
    • Free Shipping!