Dog Breeding Business: Increasing New Customers

Dog Breeding Business: Increasing New Customers

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How Dog Breeding Business’ Increase New Customers

Without entering the war of breeding being a responsible business or not, let’s talk about how responsible dog breeders can build their business tremendously using what’s already available to them. It seems most breeders nowadays do a great job at breeding and selling, but fail at looking after their existing PureBredDogsclients and forever homes. This is a VERY costly mistake, and can be the determining factor of a new kennel being successful or not!

Why No Follow-Up With Today’s Dog Breeders?

Firstly, these guys have bought a breathing new family member from you. One that you loved, cared for and miss. Why on Earth would you not contact them for a chat here and there to make sure everything is well?

Secondly, these guys know people who want the same dog as them. If their friend asks where they can get one, you don’t want them to say “I got mine from a breeder, check the internet” You want them to say “Oh my gosh, I got it from a great breeder named _______, here is their number, check with them and see is they’ll have a litter soon or can reccomend someone else trustworthy who does!!”

Don’t settle for what’s become the industries standard. Expect more, give more, and do more. Make them feel important, not because you have to but because they genuinely are important to you and the future of your business.

Make Each of Your Forever Homes Your Ambassador

Each client is your kennel’s ambassador and each ambassador will represent you and your dogs wherever they go, whatever they do, whenever they show. This is exactly why you must pick your puppies’ new owners carefully.

There used to be a time when clients of a dog breeder were disappearing into thin air as soon as they picked up their dog. And everybody was happy with that. There was not anRefferal easy way to stay in touch, and it still happens with many of todays dog breeders. Being 2016, let me be the one to tell you if you don’t already know, not staying in contact with clients is a HUGE business and marketing mistake!!!

The puppy owner is 99% of the time happy with his new dog and will remain that way for pretty much ever. How can you let someone like that just walk away when you could make him your most powerful ambassador? You’ve got many satisfied customers from the service you offer, and you just let them go like that? The business relationship is just starting…

This person knows you, knows your dog, knows how well you looked after the sale, how nice your puppy pack was, how great your follow-up is after the sale and… this person knows dozens of people who share the same hobbies and interests as him or her.

You have to stay in touch with these owners of yours. Let me repeat. You have to stay in touch with these clients of yours, with all of them. ALL OF THEM.

Whenever you are expecting a new litter, send them an email to let them know about the new family member, introduce them to some new puppy owners they live nearby from, invite them to join a club, a forum or an online community. Make sure they do not forget where their favorite dog and best friend came from!

Don't dissapear after selling the puppy. Stay around for the long term and benefit from a happier family and referrals!

Don’t dissapear after selling the puppy. Stay around for the long term and benefit from a happier family and referrals!

Trust me, after a couple of litters, most of your sales will come through existing customer referrals and the best part is that you know the potential clients they are bringing you will look after your dogs as well. They also know the price and are willing to pay for it without any doubt, otherwise they would not come to you.

    This is a no-brainer.

How To Follow-up After I Sold a Puppy?

Every single business owner should follow-up with their new clients right after a transaction. Even more so when dealing with something a lot more personal (and living) than just a product on a shelf.

So the next day is a must simply to make sure everything is understood, clear and that the client is happy.

Then, you want to create your own scheduling for following up with past customers. After you create said schedule, make a commitment to your program that you will follow it after every single sale. An efficient schedule would resemble the below.

+1 DAY

The day after the sale, drop a line to your client or a quick call and ask if you can assist him or her in any way.

It is a big day for them and they may feel overwhelmed. A lot of first-time owners, including myself, had a lot of questions and worries after just a few hours. It takes times to settle and understand your dog. Breeders are here to help yet clients tend to feel shy. Invite them to share their first challenges with you!

Even though most of the time you will receive “No, everything is great” as an answer, it will be a gesture that puppy owners appreciate!



This time you should be less intrusive and perhaps simply send a text telling them that how great of a pleasure it has been to meet them and that you wish all the best to their family.

So it looks more natural, you should add a picture of a couple of the puppy’s siblings and say how much they miss their brother or sister.

Ask them to like your Facebook Page, join your Facebook Group or add you on whatever social network(s) you are currently active on. It is a great way to keep in touch from then on.


After such a long break you should simply ask for some news and few pictures. It is always nice for the breeder to witness the growth of the puppies you gave so much love to.


Having your puppies’ owners on social media, especially Facebook, will allow you to constantly stay in touch with them and always be on top of their mind whenever they think or talk about dogs.

Like and comment their dog pictures, try to link them with your other clients so you earn a great following for your dog breeding business.

If any problem occurs with one of your dogs, it gives you a chance to impress the customer forever. It is easy to like someone when everything goes well, but imagine how impactful you will be if you solve their problem and put a second smile on their faces? A challenge is actually an amazing opportunity to make a second and definitive superb impression.

When Should I Get Started?

This is the question I hope you are not asking yourself right now. This is the question people who don’t want to do something ask themselves. You know, that sick procrastination.

Open a new tab, go on your inbox, email every single forever home and owner you have sold a puppy to and ask for some news. Yes, you have not spoken to some of them for years but who cares?! Don’t have their emails, call them and ask for them. Do whatever it takes to re kindle your relationship.

To help you stay committed, I’ve put together a “New Customer Follow Up Schedule” calendar with examples of how you are going to want to set this up for maximum effectiveness. If you want it, download for free below. Those that download the .pdf will also find a bonus attached of an advanced method of following up to take sales to even higher levels, and receive future updates from AIKitsForDogs on improving your dog breeding business via email.

Download this .pdf, put it into action, then come back and share your results with us!

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