Eliminate the Stresses of Traveling by Breeding Via AI

Eliminate the Stresses of Traveling by Breeding Via AI

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Learn How to Elimate Travel Stress, Accommodation, and Financial Costs via Artificial Insemination for Dogs!

Whether you own a dog that you make available for stud service, or have a bitch you want to breed to an outside dog in order to improve genetics, AI makes good financial and husbandry sense.
When a bitch owner takes or sends their bitch to an outside stud service they open up, not only that one dog, but potentially their entire kennel to disease. It is very stressful on the bitch to travel to an outside kennel for breeding as well. While it’s true that it is less stressful when their owner can accompany them to their destination and be there for the entire time they are away from home, this is expenive and often unreasonable.

That’s where AI Kits for Dogs comes in = )

All of the stress and tension can be avoided by simply bringing the stud dog to the bitch via artificial insemination. Neither dog has to travel to the other, and the job gets done quicker and it is safer as well since no actual physical contact is made. It is safer for the bitch since they can’t catch any transmittable diseases, safer for the bitch owner’s kennel since she won’t spread those diseases to the rest of their dogs. It is safer for the stud dog as well if no outside bitches bring possible disease into their surroundings. Not to mention having a %0 chance of behavorial issues resulting in injuries.

Saving Money by Keeping Your Bitch at Home for Breeding with Artificial Insemination

While there are some expenses that occur with artificial insemination, they pale compared to the cost of traveling any distance at all to breed to an outside stud dog. When you take even just the cost of gasoline into the equation of travel to and from another breeder’s kennel, and then multiply that cost times several repeat breedings during a single cycle, it gets expensive quickly.

Add the cost of taking any time off work for the bitch or stud dog’s owners since the timing is up to the bitch, not the owner’s jobs, and even going to another kennel in the same state can be costly. Then think about the number of breeding possibilities are eliminated by having to stay in driving distance. To really free up your choices and breed to the best no matter where they are located, a breeder would have to open themselves up to the idea of shipping their bitches via plane or other transportation services even if they accompanied them on the trip. Not only is this extremely stressful on the dogs it is very expensive. Rich breeders may find it an ego boost to talk about the costly breeding methods to obtain the very best, but thanks to AI, it isn’t necessary to spend a fortune to breed to incredible stud dogs no matter where they are located. Artificial insemination makes it affordable to breed your bitch to the very best stud dogs anywhere in the world.

Artificial Insemination for Dogs Allows Stud Owners Stress and Financial Relief

Stud owners should embrace the idea of artificial insemination for dogs as much as bitch owners to save money and stress. Since it is easier for bitch owners to breed to their dogs no matter where they are located, their services will be in higher demand, which means they will make more money, and they will spend less since they do not have to buy extra food to feed a bitch, put her up in kennel space they may not have available. It also saves time for the stud dog breeder, in caring for extra animals for days during the heat cycle.

Furthermore, unlike the bitch owner who will still have to manually do the job during the insemination process every time their bitch is in heat, stud dog owners can cut down their work load a lot with AI. One single collection can yield many semen samples that can supply multiple bitch owners with requested semen. So, multiple breeding fees for doing the job once and no hassle with housing and caring for a bitch in heat during the cycle. Not a bad deal for the stud dog owner. Both stud and bitch owners can lower their costs even more by using our A.I. kit for Dogs to get all of the supplies they need in handy kits for a fraction of what it would cost to acquire all of the included supplies individually.

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