Get More Consistent Conception Rates with AI

Get More Consistent Conception Rates with AI

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Get More Consistent Conception Rates with AI

Never Say “My Bitch Didn’t Take” Again with AI

Artificial insemination for dogs is quickly becoming the standard in dog breeding due to its effectiveness, ease, and safety. Breeders who want the most control over their breeding process and results are relying on the AI method, which is a GREAT decision!

Many cattle breeders choose to use artificial insemination when expanding herds during breeding seasons. Like with dogs, using AI allows these breeders greater control in timing and position, as well as eliminating any emotional or mental distractions that can derail a traditional breeding.

Why is Control Important?

Cattle breeders’ investments range from $5,000, to well over $50,000 to breed their females each season! Having that much money on the line, you best believe that these breeders using the AI method are doing it because the benefits make financial sense. Many of these savvy business owners can crunch the numbers and make an educated decision on whether or not the AI process will produce a good enough result to justify the extra time and work involved in breeding 100+ cows at a time.

More Advantages for Dog Breeders Using AI Kits

A dog breeder can not only improve conception rates, but also litter size using AI.Cattle are limited in the number of offspring they typically produce… A dog breeder on the other hand can not only improve conception rates, but also litter size using AI! By getting sperm to the best position for connection with the released eggs, delivering it in enough of a quantity often enough during the cycle, after ensuring the quality of the semen through evaluation, dog breeders can enjoy larger litters than with the traditional breeding method!!!

Most importantly, when performing AI the reason for high success rates is that the semen gets directly deposited into the uterus. If you find yourself feeling squeamish during the procedure and not hitting the right spot of the reproductive tract, your rates may be a little lower. However, it is important to know that even in those cases AI produces a success rate relative to the normal average of a traditional breeding, especially when using fresh, extended or chilled semen.

Tips for Achieving the Maximum Conception Rates with AI for Dogs

• Keep your bitch on a well-balanced, healthy diet throughout the year

• Make sure your dogs are in good physical and mental conditions

• Ensure dogs are not stressed when performing collection or insemination

• Minimize errors by keeping a thorough journal of each bitches cycle

• Follow the artificial insemination procedure that accompanies each of our kits precisely

• Examine the stud’s semen quality

• Use a progesterone testing kit to pinpoint ovulation

• Inseminate females 3-4 times per heat with quality semen

• Have all supplies ready to go and be focused on the task at hand (no distractions)

• Practice, practice, practice….

If you are too grossed out to start, decide if this is something you can get over knowing all of the benefits about AI. (Feelings Vs. Results) Please know that this feeling of being grossed out will completely go away after a just a few successful inseminations, and you will probably also become an advocate for the AI breeding method once successful. If you can’t get past this obstacle, but know you still want to take advantage of Artificial insemination Kits for Dogs, you can have you local vet perform the procedure for an additional fee! (Yes, even vets purchase our AI Kits)

If you have attempted artificial insemination already and have been a little insecure about your performance, don’t beat yourself up too much. It can be a little overwhelming at first, but as you get used going through the motions of AI and learn to feel more comfortable entering your bitch with the pipette, your accuracy and efficiency will go up considerably. Practice makes perfect!

Using Elevation to Increase Conception after AI

Some practitioners of AI advocate elevating the rear end of the bitch following insemination to ensure that the sperm reach their designation. This isn’t an idea that is unique to dogs either. Humans who have trouble conceiving often try to increase their odds by lying with their feet in the air after copulation as well.

In reality, it isn’t necessary to juggle the rear end of your bitch after you perform the artificial insemination procedure. AI in cows is a time-honored method of production, and you will rarely see a farmer attempting to hold a Holstein up by her haunches. Nature will take its course, and do it quite well without breaking your back by holding up your hefty Great Dane, or driving your adorable Chihuahua crazy. JugglingDogBreeder

In fact, you have done a lot to ensure good conception rates just by using AI. By delivering the sperm deep into the cervix and eliminating position problems during mating or maneuvering by the animals you have provided nature with the best chance of getting sperm and egg together.
Good artificial insemination procedures require practice and patience. It is worth the effort though. You spend days, weeks and months pouring over bloodlines and studying genetics. It only makes sense to take as much time and effort in learning how to achieve the best physical results from all of that dedication to breed improvement as well.

Check out the AI kits for dogs that we offer here to have all of the tools that you need on hand for your bitch’s next cycle. Remember, we love to hear from you. Feel free to comment in the area below on AI practices you have used, techniques you have heard of or to ask questions about how you can get the most out of your breeding program with AI.

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