How to Chill and Ship Semen for AI in Dogs

How to Chill and Ship Semen for AI in Dogs

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Shipping Canine Semen with Semen Shipping Kits

When using collected semen for artificial insemination, nothing really beats a fresh specimen delivered right to the bitch following collection. However, the only way fresh semen works is when the stud and the bitch are in close proximity. That is fine when it is possible, but there are so many other reasons for using A.I., and the decision to only use fresh semen restricts many breeding plans. would like to reduce limitations for your program by breaking down how to properly chill and ship semen for AI in dogs, show why it’s a valuable tool for any dog breeding program, and supply your Semen Shipping Kit when you are ready for one.

Extending Semen Shelf Life

In order to reach bitches far away, the need to extend the life of the sample is required. There are two methods used in artificial insemination: chilling and freezing.

Freezing Semen

Frozen Artificial InseminationThere are pros and cons to both procedures. Frozen semen allows samples to be stored practically indefinitely in what are known as “straws”. Pictured is a cryo-preservation chamber containing frozen semen straws. Freezing semen in these straws is very useful for stud dog owners who wish to preserve the genetics of a particular male long after the animal is no longer with them, or is retired from active breeding.

Freezing helps both the bitch and stud owner make great use of superb bloodlines. Frozen semen has some drawbacks, however. One of which is the delicacy of the procedure. Freezing and thawing frozen semen can destroy the sperm cells, furthermore, once the semen is thawed out, it loses viability quickly and must be used in a very limited time frame.

Chilling Semen

Fortunately, it isn’t necessary to freeze semen in order to take advantage of the genetics of a particular stud dog still being used in production. Chilling is the happy medium between freshly collected semen and frozen semen that requires strict handling procedures but can be easily done once informed. Chilling semen is much easier, and preparing it for insemination is far less complicated as well. Chilled semen typically remains useful for 1-4 days, with some samples recorded to survive as many 10 days. The viability decreases with each hour following being warmed to body temperature for use

Why Choose Chilled When Shipping Canine Semen?

Some breeders may want to know why they need to bother with chilling semen at all if a shipment can be made overnight. It’s a good question, since fresh semen typically remains viable for at least as long as chilled semen does. Both need to be used within 3 days for maximum conception and the sooner the better, and both would need to be shipped overnight. However, the reason A.I. experts use chilled (fresh extended) semen for shipment is that there are many variables when shipping canine semen like the extreme temperatures in a cargo hold or truck that can destroy fresh semen samples. Chilled semen is protected from environmental impact during shipment by the packaging and thermal container.
Frozen semen also ships very well with the proper equipment, but it is much more costly to use the correct shipping container for frozen semen and conception rates are as high as 90% with fresh or chilled semen.

Considerations for the Best Dog Semen Preparation

The way a semen sample is prepared is the key to how well it will work. Improper chilling and packaging will result in very poor samples on the receiving end. Many stud dog owners become frustrated with requests to reship samples that were not viable upon receipt, but learning a few quick ways to increase the efficiency of the procedure can cut down on those problems considerably.
First, make sure the collection contains good quality samples by examine the viability of the sperm before chilling. Microscopes can be found “second-hand” at a very reasonable cost and it is a very helpful tool to help stud owners be certain they are sending the very best to the bitch.

Second, use the proper tools when dividing the collection into packages for chilling. Our Chilled A.I. Shipping Kit for Dogs contains all the supplies necessary to make sure your samples are completely contaminant free and properly measured.

Creating a Fresh Extended (Chilled) Semen Sample for Shipment

Collect your sample from the male using the gloves, lube, and collection cone. Poke a small hole in the bottom of the collection cone so you can push the centrifuge tube through it and secure it with the green o-ring so you can collect the sample with ease.

Poke a small hole in the bottom of the collection cone so you can push the tapered centrifuge tube through, and secure it with the green o-ring so you can collect the sample with ease.

Poke a small hole in the bottom of the supplied collection cone and push the tapered centrifuge tube through. Secure tube to cone with green o-ring to collect the sample with ease!

To finish preparing the sample for extended (chilled) semen, the extender must be warmed to about 37 degrees Celsius (98.6 Fahrenheit). You will want to add 4 ml of extender for every ml of semen. The extender should be added very slowly to the semen. It should take between 3 and 5 minutes to complete the process.

Once the extender and semen sample are mixed, close the top of the tube and make sure it is tight. Tape can also help secure the lid in place. Make sure to mark the tube with the name of the stud and the date of preparation. You are now ready to prep the Styrofoam container to put the semen sample tube into. Place the supplied ice pack (after freezing in your fridge) inside the StyrofoamDogAIScientist container, and the sample on top of the ice pack. Make sure to add plenty of paper towels between the cold packs and the semen tube to avoid cold shocking the sample. Seal the container tightly with tape. Attach your overnight label (FedEx or UPS) and send it on its way.

Make sure to note the tracking number on the label, and send a notice to the bitch’s owner, so they can be ready for it as well. Plan to ship so that the package arrives on a regular shipment day, or mark it for a Saturday delivery. Never ship your semen shipping kit if the next day delivery would arrive on a Sunday.

Now that you know more about shipping canine semen you can take advantage of this exciting advancement in the dog breeding industry. When you need a dog semen shipping kit, Visit Our Page Here.

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