Importance of Using Quality Artificial Insemination Kits for Dogs

Importance of Using Quality Artificial Insemination Kits for Dogs

Not All AI Kits Are Equal.. Learn the Importance of Using QUALITY Artificial Insemination Kits for Dogs

Artificial insemination is gaining in popularity in the dog breeding community. It has long been used in farm animals to ensure consistent conception rates and protect livestock from the hazards that might occur during copulation. Artificial insemination (AI) provides many of the same protections and simplifies the process for dog breeders. It also allows dog owners to improve their bloodlines and also keep successful show or performance animals on the circuit longer while making their DNA available for breeding.
Artificial insemination kits for dogs have become the popular choice for both bitch and stud dog owners, because they give breeders the tools they need to perform the process easily and safely from home, avoiding the costly vet visits. If you are getting ready to breed a bitch or want to collect semen from a stud, be sure you are getting the quality AI supplies needed to have a successful breeding.

Why the Right AI Kit for Dogs is an Important Part of the Planning Process

If you are breeding two dogs on-site, or you need to store and/or ship semen, having the proper tools on hand is very important. Having all of the equipment and tools at your disposal so you don’t have to search for them can be the difference between a successful breeding and having to wait for next heat to “try again”. Individual kits that contain all of the necessary supplies for a single collection/insemination allow you to be sure everything will be ready, and sterile at the time of use. Plastics can also leak, so all bags, beakers or goblets should be high quality, leak proof to ensure that the specimen is as protected as possible.

Plastics leak in a different way as well. Most people would immediately recognize liquid leaking from a bag due to rips, tears, improper closure or breakage. However, plastics can leak chemicals into the contained semen, and that isn’t something that can be seen. Collection plastics and plastic materials used to inseminate bitches should be free of BPAs that can leach out into the sample and contaminate it.You need quality AI supplies

Also know that many of the AI Kits on the market contain latex. Studies have shown latex can kill semen samples. So, having LATEX FREE SUPPLIES IS A MUST!!!

Sterility is important to protect the semen sample as well as the bitch during insemination. All equipment and supplies should be kept in their packaging until you are ready to use it. That isn’t possible when buying bulk supplies individually. Always dispose of old collection, storage or insemination supplies from each kit after use. Supplies should always be sterile, but individual cleaning using soaps or detergents destroys semen. Keep in mind that the lubricant used during insemination should also be non-spermicidal lubricant. Never use soaps or other gels. A good artificial insemination kit for dogs will include high-quality gloves. Not only does wearing gloves protect the semen from contamination, but it is also a safety requirement when dealing with frozen semen stored in liquid nitrogen.
Beware of common commercial materials created for general purposes. Just because certain items are available does not necessarily mean they are safe to use in all procedures or circumstances. For instance, commercial medical gloves may also contain powder. That makes it easier to get them on and off, but that powder is destructive to canine semen, and destroys the quality of the sample.

Individual AI Kits for Dogs are the Best Choice for Breeders

When you are ready to proceed with your AI plans for your dogs, you should also look for kits that contain all of the supplies you will need in one package. That helps ensure you will always be prepared, and not find out mid-procedure that something is missing. Nothing is worse than having to go rummage through a supply cabinet while your dog is waiting, except to find you don’t even have what you need in your supply storage, and miss the breeding or collection altogether. Individual kits also allow you to only open the number of items you need for the immediate procedure. When buying bulk supplies individually, you will need to open an entire box, leaving the remaining pieces exposed to potential contamination.

    Canine artificial insemination kits typically contain:
  • An insemination tube
  • A sterile syringe
  • A collection cone
  • Sterile lube packet
  • 1 pair of powder free gloves
  • And instructions to guide you through the process

  • 7 Important Things to Remember When Choosing AI Supplies

    1: Having Everything On Hand is Important
    2: Buy Only Sturdy, Well-Made Plastic Equipment
    3: BPA Free Plastics are a Must
    4: Kits Containing Latex Can Kill Semen
    5: AI Supplies are One Use Items
    6: The Type of Lubricant Matters
    7: Make Sure You Have Powder Free Gloves
    8: Individual AI Kits for Dogs are Better Than Bulk Packaged Supplies
    9: Not All AI Kits Are Equal!

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