Artificial Insemination Kits for Dogs


Artificial Insemination for Dogs – Buy Complete AI Kits

  • Successfully collect, and immediately inseminate ANY dog breed
  • Step-by-step Instructions Included
  • Fast and Free US Shipping on orders over $25
  • Express Shipping available
  • Individually packaged
  • Latex Free (latex can kill semen)

For Best Results, AI Females 3-4 Times a Heat.

Kits are “Bundled” according to how many heats you want to be prepared for, saving you time/money.

Prices as low as $6.50 a kit on select Bundles

Select the Bundle Quantity fitting your needs,
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The most complete AI kits for dogs, from the trusted experts in dog artificial insemination.

Included are individually packaged Artificial Insemination (AI) kits, from AI Kits for Dogs.
Everything needed to successfully collect semen and immediately inseminate your female on-site comes in this kit!

Buy size Small for females LESS than 35 lbs. and Large for females LARGER than 35 lbs.

Remember, the more times the female’s eggs are fertilized during her cycle, the higher your rate of success. For best results, we recommend you inseminate your females 3-4 times, waiting 24 hours in between insemination.

What’s Included in Each of Your Artificial Insemination Kits for Dogs?

  • Insemination Tube
  • Sterile Syringe
  • Collection Cone
  • Sterile Lube Packet
  • Powder Free Gloves
  • Usage Instructions & Guidelines.

No Expensive Vet or Testing Necessary!

All Materials are Disposable!

Perfect for breeders who want:

  • More control over breedings
  • Larger litter sizes.
  • The ability to check quality of semen before breeding.
  • Positive control of reproductive diseases.
  • Save time.
  • Eliminate “social” problems of sire or dam.
  • Ability to breed more often.
  • The best way to breed a virgin bitch without possible harm to sire or dam.
  • Decrease stress, infectious diseases transmission, travel expenses.
  • Semen collection without interruption of the male activity (show or training).
  • To split an ejaculate to bred more females.
  • Reduction of the costs with maintenance of stud dogs in a colony.
  • Worldwide availability of the semen of a given dog.
  • Allow early castration of working dogs while maintaining availability of their genes.
  • Early detection of male reproductive pathologies.
  • Semen preservation, so genetic material may be available in the future.
  • Potentially less return breedings.
  • Overcome problems associated with the refusal to breed (psychological or physical reasons, precocious ejaculation, inexperienced males).
  • Overcome quarantine restrictions.


Instructions included with every purchase

Instructions included with every purchase

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1 AI Kit (Trial Kit), 12 AI Kits – 3 Heats (Pro Breeders Bundle), 20 AI Kits – 5 Heats (Elite Breeders Bundle), 4 AI Kits – 1 Heat (Basic Breeders Bundle)


Large (Female GREATER than 35 lbs.), Small (Female LESS than 35 lbs.)

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