Chilled Artificial Insemination Shipping Kits for Dogs

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Buy Chilled AI Shipping Kits for Dogs

The Complete Kits to Safely and Easily:

  • Collect semen sample from stud
  • Properly chill, pack, and ship sample overnight to the females owner/vet
  • Inseminate the female

Great for All Breeds!

Step-By-Step Instructions Included

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Chilled Artificial Insemination Shipping Kits for Dogs

Now you can produce puppies using any dog accessible by mail!
Chill and overnight ship your male dogs’ semen samples using our Chilled AI Shipping Kit for dogs!

Buy size Small for females LESS than 35 lbs. and Large for females LARGER than 35 lbs.

Chilled Artificial Insemination Shipping Kit Includes:

Shipping-Collection-Insemination Supplies

  • Step-by-step Instructions
  • Styrofoam Shipping Container
  • Cold Pack
  • Powder Free Gloves

Male Owner/Collector-

  • Collection Cone
  • Centrifuge Tube
  • O-Ring (for attaching centrifuge tube to collection cone)
  • Semen Extender (extends durability of semen for transport)

Female owner/breeder/vet-

  • Insemination Tube
  • Sterile Syringe
  • Lube Packet

All Materials are Disposable

Artificial Insemination for Dogs is Safe and Easy

Artificial Insemination for dogs via chilled AI has been proven to be a great substitute for the traditional breeding method, with all the benefits of AI, plus, you can ship it.


  1. Collect a viable semen sample from chosen stud
  2. Prep the collection sample to be chilled
  3. Pack the sample in the supplied styrofoam shipping container
  4. Overnight ship the container to the female in eustrous
  5. Inseminate the female

  6. Shiping AI Samples is Cost Effective

    Don’t waste your time or money anymore traveling, staying at hotels, and boarding just to have access to the best genetics. Our Chilled AI Shipping Kits will save you both time and money!

    Expand your Reach with Chilled AI Shipping Kits

    Using these Artificial Insemination kits gives you the opportunity to ship semen samples overnight a GREAT distance safely. No more limits on who can use your stud, or on who’s you can use.

    Watch your kennel and stud business grow when you add our Chilled AI Shipper Kits to your tool bag, expanding your reach, like many of the other professional dog breeders we’ve served from Australia to the UK!

    Buy yours today for this breeding, or, to be prepared for the next


Instructions included with every purchase

Instructions included with every purchase

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 in

Large (Female GREATER than 35 lbs.), Small (Female LESS than 35 lbs.)

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