Timing Dog Breeding to Increase Conception Rates and Litter Size Using AI

Timing Dog Breeding to Increase Conception Rates and Litter Size Using AI

Timing Dog Breeding to increase Conception Rates and Litter Size Using AI

Breeders beginning to use A.I. may have some difficulties at the start getting over the mental block of collecting and insemination. Once conquered, the next pressing issue typically is in getting the maximum litter sizes. This is largely due to the fact that they attempt to emulate the same breeding practices and timing used in traditional breeding. Of course, there are many similarities, but achieving the best success rates with A.I. requires a bit more information. Like anything new, particularly with things that are scientific, there can be a learning curve when first using artificial insemination kits for dogs.

Signs of Estrus in Bitches

Dog owners are usually cued into their bitches heat cycles when the animal begins to show outward displays such as humping other dogs, swollen vulvas and male interest. As a breeder, you are probably used to watching for the color change in the discharge as the cycle moves forward. The bitch will typically be receptive to a male once the discharge changes from blood red to a paler yellowish color.

It is entirely possible to replicate a traditional breeding with A.I. by using the materials in our AI Kit for dogs and introducing the semen to the uterine tract on a daily basis throughout the receptive period of the heat cycle. However, this alone may not achieve the highest results in the most economic and timely manner.

Daily breeding also means having enough semen samples for up to 4 days of receptiveness. This may not be an issue if the semen is from a home-owned stud. However, if a breeder obtains semen from an outside stud to improve their genetics or broaden their breeding program, this can mean spending a significant amount of money. A better method is to target the exact day of ovulation, and then know when to perform the insemination.

Increase Litter Size with AI

Timing AI for larger litters
The cost of multiple inseminations can be weighed against the cost of a veterinarian visit and testing. The test that determines when the bitch is most fertile is called a progesterone test, which often takes a few separate visits/tests to really pinpoint the ovulation.
Since the charge for a progesterone test can be anywhere from $40 to $200 EACH, not accounting for the time or hassle in transporting your pet to the vet, breeders can use the cost of the testing against the cost of multiple specimens to decide on the best way to get the better value with the highest results.

When to Breed Your Bitch with AI

If you use progesterone tests you want to be sure to give the newly released eggs time to mature. It is useless to inseminate your bitch the same day as ovulation. It takes two days for the eggs to be receptive to penetration by the sperm. If you have to arrange shipping of the semen or warm up frozen semen, using the day of the ovulation as a starting point is helpful.

If you find multiple breedings to be the most productive and cost-effective way to ensure good conception, begin breeding your bitch on day 9 and continue through day 12 of the cycle to ensure semen presence on the 2nd day after ovulation. Remember that even though semen remains alive in the uterine tract for up to several days, to really be sure that the healthiest sperm cells are present when the eggs are at peak receptiveness it is best to breed at least twice during the cycle. For maximum exposure daily breeding will ensure optimal coverage. Be sure to have plenty of fresh AI kits for dogs available, so you always have clean materials ready to get the job done easily and quickly for the most successful conception rates.

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