Top 3 Ways to Improve Your Kennel’s Reputation and Reach

Top 3 Ways to Improve Your Kennel’s Reputation and Reach

Grow Your Dog Breeding Business Fast With These Tips

While the dog world is a tight community, most breeders are small fish in a big pond. It’s easy to feel a little isolated and it can be tough for a small breeder to reach out and attract puppy buyers, show kennels, and develop a strong reputation as a quality kennel. Here are the three best ways to develop a strong presence in the canine community and create a powerful kennel reputation.

Use the Show Ring

Of course showing, either in conformation or performance, is a stunning way to make an impact and get noticed by the dog community. Showing and competing is important to keep an eye on quality for your own purposes as well. Since we all love our dogs, it is easy to begin to overlook minor issues they have, either physical or temperamental. While there is no such thing as a perfect dog, keeping a keen eye on what those imperfections are is the only way we can counter them with good breeding crosses. ShowDog

Attaining any titles in competition help to “prove” you dog to be of high enough quality for breeding stock. The more titled dogs you have, the better your reputation as a quality breeder. The higher your reputation within the dog world, the easier it is to extend your reach.
Many breeders attend shows for the validation, education, and plain old fun! Forgetting that these events are perhaps some of the best places to establish relationships with fellow breeders that can help grow your business exponentially! These real, genuine interactions are easily remembered by the both of you, and a strong base for future friendships if nurtured properly. Therefore, the networking opportunities at dog shows should be a focus whenever attending. Take business cards to hand out, and get as many other people’s contact information as possible. These people will be added to your list of leads, prospects, and potential business partners.

Use the Internet

It can be tough to reach beyond a small area and community of fellow dog lovers, but the internet has done a lot to bridge the gap. In spite of how integrated the internet is in most people’s lives, and how much time is spent online, surprisingly many breeders are reluctant to use it as a tool for developing their reputation and reach.

GrowBreedingBusinessIf you are using social media already, you have a huge jump into a big pool of people you may not otherwise come in contact with. If you aren’t… get on it. Create a FaceBook, Twitter and even LinkedIn account and start adding friends and other breeders. Get people’s contact information when you meet them at shows, or when they contact you for information on your dogs. Add them to your lists. Like anything, when people call around looking to find a new dog for their kennel or for a family pet, they don’t always buy right then and there. If you lose any further contact with those people, you may not ever hear from them again. Not because they weren’t impressed. Simply because they forgot about you, and they are inundated daily with images and conversations online about other dogs and kennels.

Stay at the front of their minds by engaging them online. You can be stealthy at marketing and simply use it to continue to talk to fellow breeders, dog owners and pet owners. Posting in groups, replying to questions, or simply commenting on pictures, but not actively “advertising” your kennel. If you offer enough value or can intrigue them, they will find themselves on your profile wanting to learn more about you, and will be in contact if they like what they see. Or you can actively promote your dogs, talk about current breedings, puppies and future plans to get others interested in your plans. Paid advertising is a FAST way to gain traction if you have enough reputation and value to offer visitors. Either way works, although you can get a little further, a little faster if you choose the second method.

Use Artificial Insemination

A.I. can give you a real boost in many ways that significantly improve your kennel’s reputation and reach. With A.I. as the safest breeding method, being a dog breeder who breeds via artificial insemination shows your dedication and professionalism towards your program and dogs’ wellbeing. Caring enough to take the process into your own hands (literally) displays the level of commitment you have and is a great way to improve your reputation in the industry as a “professional”.

AIKitsForDogs can help you improve your reach as well with a special Dog AI Shipper Kit. Being able to collect and process your stud dog’s semen for shipment will allow you offer attractive services breeders who otherwise may not contact you for services due to distance. Successful breedings and prominent puppies from those breedings will grow your reputation far from your home base.
Using artificial insemination from distant studs gives you the ability to add stronger genes and improve your stock without endangering your bitches, spending a lot of money to ship dogs, and lowers your overall costs per breeding. By using A.I. you can advertise puppies bred from significant stock that you may not otherwise have access or the ability to use.

You can use our A.I. kit for dogs to make the entire process from collection to insemination easy and more affordable.

So that’s it! Dog shows, the internet, and artificial insemination are three top ways to improve your kennels reputation and reach. Knowing this information doesn’t do any good unless you put it into action though, so make sure you get to work! Be sure to say hi to us at any dog shows, add us on your social media accounts, and let us know how we can assist you with your AI needs!!!

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  1. Larry Blount says:

    I want my female Jack Russell to get pregnant or artificial could you connect me to someone who was so me some jack Russells sperm. To to get my dog pregnant

    • Daniel F. says:

      You will want to reach out to Jack Russell breeders Larry and ask to use one of their studs that’s a good match for your female and what you’re trying to produce.

      Not being a Jack Russell breeder myself, I cannot recommend anyone off of experience.
      I CAN forward you to some breed specific breeder directories if that would be of help.? You can pick and choose from their.?
      Let me know!

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