Using AI to Resolve Breeding Issues in Dogs

Using AI to Resolve Breeding Issues in Dogs

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Using AI to Resolve Breeding Issues in Dogs

Resolving Breeding IssuesThere are many breeding complications that breeders can conquer through the use of AI. While there are arguments that using AI kits can solidify some issues and make them permanent, in reality, it may be the only way to solve the problems and allow your animals to procreate and fulfill your aspirations for the best litters. In this post we will cover some of the most common dog breeding issues and complications avoided when using our AI kits and breeding using the Artificial Insemination method vs. the traditional way.

Solving Size Differences with Artificial Insemination

One issue that will never resolve itself naturally is one of size difference. Whether you are breeding two vastly different animals in order to capture the traits from each in their offspring, or you are striving to Size Differenceget the best out of your purebred dogs sometimes size matters. Even a difference of a few inches, common even in the most well-bred animals, can make successful copulation difficult.

Artificial insemination alleviates the issue by making it a non-issue. It doesn’t matter what size either of the breeding pair are, each can perform its function without ever having to struggle to get in the right position. The AI kits for dogs that we provide offer you all the tools you need to collect semen and introduce it to your bitch without complications for a successful pairing regardless of size issues.

Combining Traditional Breeding with AI to Ensure Success with Inexperienced Breeders

Inexperience creates a set of issues when breeding that eventually will be resolved through time and exposure, but can mean missing out on a current heat cycle as a result of fumbling and insecurity. By collecting semen in advance from the stud, and then allowing the pair to copulate normally, gives the breeding pair the experience they need. You can then use the collected semen to inseminate the bitch in addition to the normal tie to ensure enough semen enters the uterine tract.

Some opponents of AI argue that using artificial insemination to resolve issues of inexperience or shyness in breeding animals only further promotes the problem. That would be true if a breeder takes the shortcut of simply using AI alone without attempting traditional breeding along with it, but by using both you can help your animals overcome their issues while making sure you capture the moment as well and successful impregnate the bitch.

Helping Set the Mood When Dogs Won’t Cooperate

Just like people, sometimes a dog just isn’t in the mood. Whether it is the bitch or the stud, trying to insist on a mating when the animals aren’t in the mood can cause serious injuries to one or both of the animals. Artificial insemination can help you make sure your bitch gets bred even if the dogs aren’t feeling the passion.

Avoid Dog Agression Using AI

Another issue for some dog breeders when it comes time to breed is temperament. Sometimes two dogs just don’t like each other, and putting them together Resolve Behavorial Issuescan be downright dangerous to everyone involved including them. Bites are a common problem when a bitch or dog does not want to be near each other, handlers can be hurt in the altercation as well, making breeding a dangerous situation. It isn’t just temperament that can cause a problem, if a bitch becomes aggravated or wants to escape during copulation, her pulling away from a tie can cause injury to the stud that may create mental issues that prevent future breeding, and even permanent physical injury to the dog.
Artificial Insemination supplies should NOT be used to mate an animal that has a permanent dog agression issue, as the likelyhood of passing the agression to the future generations is high!

Artificial insemination makes both mood and temperament issues safer and allows you to take full advantages of the gene pool you want to access to create the best litters possible without physical or emotional damage to the people and dogs involved. Check out our AI kits for dogs to get everything you need to have on hand to advance your breeding program.

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