What’s in an Artificial Insemination Kit for Dogs? [Video]

What’s in an Artificial Insemination Kit for Dogs? [Video]

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What is in AI Kits for Dogs’, fresh, On-Site AI kits?

I’ll show you,
with AIKitsForDogs.com.

Hey guys this is Daniel with AIKitsForDogs.com and today we are just going to go over the contents of our fresh on-site AI kits.

For sanitary and convenience reasons, we package them individually for you so you can take one for each breeding each time.

Let’s get to it, so contents are always going to be 100% latex free. Studies have shown latex to have an effect on semen and can actually kill it. It’s not a huge effect, it’s not every time, but we are not here to take chances, we are here to get the most out of our time and money invested Into our breeding program, so we’re going to get you a latex free supplies every single time.

So contents are going to consist of a syringe, let’s pull it out as we go, shall we? Contents are going to consist of a syringe, okay; there is an insemination tube.

And these two pieces of the kit right here will change in size according to what size of kit you get. If you get a small kit, or a large kit, you’re going to get the according pieces.For instance, the large kit, these are the pieces, the small kit, you get a 10 cc syringe and about half the size insemination tube. So just know that those are the only things that are going to change according to what size you buy.

The next thing you get is going to be your collection cone to collect the sample from the male. You’re going to get your lube pack to lube both your male and your female to make sure everything goes smoothly.

Then you’re going to get some gloves. Now even though you technically need only one pair of gloves, I make sure to throw an extra glove in here in case one rips so we don’t see dirty and everything is covered.

Last but not least we are going to make sure that you get instructions, step-by-step instructions, that way if this is your first time, you can go back and read over this to make sure that you are going to be successful.

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Obviously, make sure that you have everything ready before you even start, that you know what you’re doing before you even start, so that way it can be as hassle free, painless on you and your dogs as possible.

So that’s what’s included in our onsite fresh AI kits. We offer different bundles, so different amount of individual kits for each bundle according to how many breedings you want to be prepared for. So, where you are going to want to inseminate you female three to four times each heat, our bundles consist of increments of four, okay.

So you can buy our basic breeders bundle, which is going to prepare you for one full heat or breeding season for one female; it’s going to consist of four kits.

You can buy our professional breeders bundle which will consist of enough individual AI kits for three separate heats or breeding females.

And then we have of course our elite breeders bundle which consists of enough individual AI kits for us five separate heats or female breeding cycles.

So, depending on how much you want to be prepared for, we obviously price accordingly so that way you can save money if you buy more at a time.

So any questions, comments, concerns, you know the e-mail Daniel@AIKitsForDogs.com, Or if you want to place your order, just go and select your kit and bundle according to what you are trying to accomplish.

So again, daniel@aikitsfordogs.com, hope this was helpful, look forward to your comments and I will be speaking with you again soon.
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